Over the Sea and Far Away

Lake Ebonheart

Sailing and searching - who knew you'd find things in a D&D world********************

After an uneventful trip overland back through the tamer woods of the Southern Ebonheart we traversed a path towards our base of operations in Sanctuary.   We're mostly steering clear of the settlements of the Colony at the moment, particularly Southfort.   There seems to be a few factions there which might consider us to be undesirables.   Merrick and Morwen do make their way briefly into town to deal with Nana Ogg.   We settle in with her and trade some of the underdark drugs and herbs we obtained for money, as well as use of her training materials for Arnik.    Deals struck and done we make our way out of town, Merrick stopping by the temple on the way out to thank them for their recent political help, the way a priest of Mael would thank them of course.

We arrive as a group back in Sanctuary after being picked up by the boat.   Oh yes, for those who might not have been reading from the beginning we managed to procure a folding boat which has proven to be an extremely handy magical item.  The town is doing well and after a meeting with Odkirk, Tal and Shade amongst others who have been in the village we are much better appraised of their current situation.   They have built most of a palisade around the village, built the village and they have a number of crops planted.  The town is working hard but appears to be making a go of it.   

We stay for a few days, doing some minor things to help but the plan all along was to make our way to the islands up the lake and towards the ruin which we were told existed on an island in the Ebonheart.  Our plan is to chart out the northern islands of the lake and to explore for ruins and knowledge on those ruins.

We set and follow the shipping lanes on the west side of the lake and we make our way out to the islands.  After several days of circumnavigation we find an island that's completely devoid of any life and has a dangerous looking, ancient spire on it.   We are creeped out and decide to look for a less dangerous looking ruin to go after.   As we're driving away we're beset upon by a trader ship with balista that seems intent on boarding , being pirates or doing something we really don't want them to do.    Not wanting to cause trouble, as a group we duck over to the extremely scary island, hide our boat and ourselves in the forest until they've passed on and then we take off in our ship the other way.    We settle in for the northern island which seem much more quiet.   Oddly though, we find ourselves at a small, poorly maintained village at the southern end of a larger island that appears to be inhabited.   We sneak up to the village and make ourselves known.

We find an extremely odd village that is living at a subsitance level that appears to populated by idealist nobility and intellectuals from back in the Empire as well as a number of transported (who seem to be doing all of the work).   They are in fairly bad shape, poor repair of items, not much food but they seems resolute on making a go of it on the island.  Or at least some of them do.

We speak to them at length about the island and find out there is a nasty swamp along the western side of the island where people dont return from but beyond that the island seems to be fairly safe, well safe for being in the colonies at least.   We eventually enter into negotiations and put a tough but fair deal past them to get supplies from Port Tanner to help support the community and its on going success.

Travelling to Port Tanner is amusing as we settle upon a 300 silver profit for the venture and 2 days work.   We bring the supplies back to the village, let them pay and then, seeing that there are some people with useful skills here that could be of use to Sanctuary we open up the floor to individuals there who might be of use to come down to Sanctuary.  We want to support their community /of course/ but clearly they cant have people with negative attitudes dragging them down.  So, in order to support the community we broker transport for several of the workers and the artists to get off of the island and to somewhere ,,,,, anywhere else?  

Merrick charges an arm and a leg to two people who are annoying artists and drops them off in Port Tanner, a redneck leatherworking town.  But hey, they only paid to get transport to a town.  We then bring several transported and a few or the more useful people from the colony down to Santuary where we speak with Odkirk and Tal and come to a level of agreement that we should or can be able to encorporate them into the growing but still small town.


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