Over the Sea and Far Away

Meetings and unexpected Excursions

Meetings & Missions

In the early days of the morning a pair of elder sea elves arrived into the village, in the negotiations that followed the elves and the leadership of Sanctuary come to an agreement on giving the elves a place to recuperate on land, provision of some basic supplies and help for them from the town.   The elves agree to pay a significant amount of silver to Sanctuary per month (DM edit: 500) and they also agree to help build out some of the in water defenses to prevent the hatchling or its minions to attack the town.

Most of the party spends the time in break helping with the town, building out the town and supporting their building, farming and defense.    After around a month we receive word and a visit from Dunwick who in an angry flurry presents an emergency letter.   The letter is a well sealed item, with the wax and the seal of Traven, the elderly fellow who we worked with for a long time in Blawtro.

We convene a meeting once everyone has returned back to the camp and we review the letter.  The letter lets us know that (DM Edit: Hanrik Kosk), the crime lord of Blawtro is apparently preparing to leave town and that he's moving all of his important materials out of Blawtro.   We get details of a specific shipment out of town and that there will be a boat leaving Port Tanner to go to Port Greyscale carrying some significant materials.

We quickly decided to move and after some very quick prep we take off by boat up towards the Port, setting in after an uneventful trip along the coast.   For the next day or so we look for appropriate places to set an ambush.  We consider ambushing along a tree line, at the waters fjord and finally, heading back up the road towards Blawtro a bit we find an ideal spot on a downhill which allows us to prepare a box ambush upon their cart.

We fell some trees to prepare rolling log traps and lay out a log across the road.  We then take up ambush locations and we wait, and we wait, and we wait for about a day and a half when finally we're told that the cart is coming up.

Loria takes up a position in the trees to the west ,  Morwen , Arnik and Merrick take up positions on either side of the road with logs ready to roll down on the convoy.  Wrenaldo and Shade take a position in front of the convoy with the plans to keep them busy once our ambush is sprung.   The combat starts with a rolled log, a silence spell on the cart and an entangle spell designed to cover up the start of the ambush.

The fight moves quickly as most of them are quickly dispatched, including the man driving the cart.   Loria keeps the huge barbarian busy kiting him with bowshots and stealth and he chases her in a blind rage.  The fight is short and bloody.   We take in the survivors as prisoners.

Merrick questions one of the prisoners, Merrick recognized him to be one of Kosks main retainers and one who was very intimate with his business.   The questioning is quick and intensive and we are informed that Kosk has been poisoning Traven for a while now, is planning on departing Blawtro very soon.  In addition Kosk is planning on burning down Traven's place on his way out and finally Kosk has owned Travens serving girl for a while and he's been poisoning him slowly for years.    Merrick drives a bargain and sadly, the two other living thugs didn't have the resources or character to remain alive and they were dispatched.  The party made a deal to get 5000 silver and some potions in return for letting him walk.

We take the cart, the chest and the other supplies towards Port Tanner.   We ditch the cart along the side of the road with the oxen, and we go into port tanner shortly to get our bribe.   We get our bribe at what could only be described as a smugglers den and we say goodbye to Kosks' retainer, him having plans to head to Greyscale, round up what remains of Kosks network and take off back to the empire.   Merrick isn't sure about hte deal but the money is great and he seems fairly convinced that this guy is mostly done with the colonies and just wants to get the hell out and start a new organization elsewhere.

We take the boat south with the chest and find our way to the gnomish village.  We approach via a river that we had never taken before and on this river we notice that the forest is starting to feel more wild.   It would seem that the barrier between the fey and the realm are very thin in these woods and several of us seem to be both at ease and nervous about this.

We make our way to the Mistfell.  But on the way we stop at the fork in the road and send for Traven to meet us at the fork.  We let him know about the dangers he's facing.  

We see that there is some magic lock on the chest and based on the we think that the gnomes might be our only chance to find a wizard with the skills and ability to unlock the check.  We are escorted into town and down into the house of a very ancient gnome, perhaps he's a bit senile but he's clearly a wizard of some skill.  He welcomes us and escorts us into a cavern.  We open up our boat, and show him the chest.   He seems intensely interested in the boat, the chest and all of our divine magic as well as anything from outside of the forest.   We are nothing if not friendly with him and in the end we bargain to have him open the chest, in return we'll share some hobgoblin drugs with him and give him the lock once it's been opened.     He opens the chest and we find a huge pile of silver inside.

We go and get extremely stoned in the parlor, his daughter , a magic user of some renown dotes on him and provides us with food and drink.  We have a very fun and enjoyable night and wake up in the morning, ready to depart town once more.


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