Over the Sea and Far Away

Who knows what lies in the Depths of Lake Ebonheart

Aquatic Adventures and a Whole new World


Departing the quiet isle we drop off our paid passengers up in Port Tanner and after an extremely briefly supply stop we take off, making our way south towards the town of Sanctuary.  It's smooth sailing when we eventually see a flock of birds circling in the distance, as if picking at something in the water.  We turn to investigate and we come upon a blue skinned elf body which we pull onto the boat.   We start to take off with the wind when we see some figures swimming towards the boat at an extremely quick clip.

We make good time but they are catching up and eventually we seem fairly certain that the one humanoid is being chased by the others and we make the executive decision to save the lead creature from its pursuers.   We fish an elf or as they call themselves "Ali Zor Toss" and as we start to take off again, we are beset upon by the creatures which had been in pursuit.

These are indeed the same vicious undead we saw before and as they try to get onto the ship we pummel them with various spells , cantrips and protections.   At one point one of the creatures takes a rip out of shade who manages to maintain his composure but we manage to shoot the creatures apart with magical energy and the larger creatures sinks down into the depths, allowing its prey to escape its' chase. 

With things somewhat more calm, we help the exhausted elf and Morwen speaks elven with them.  The discussion allows us to  find out why they're here.   Typically they live in the ocean but would only come to a lake like this in extreme emergency.   We try to find out who they're dealing with what those things we fought were, what they want for help.   How they can help us, what they're chasing. They express interest in speaking with some representatives in Sanctuary who might be able to provide them solace from time to time and they offer to be able to help with 'things'.   A meeting is struck for 10 days after we arrive, out on the point near the community and we agree to speak more then.

We complete out trip down south, bring the new people to town, things seem to be ok   There are numours activities which people wish to take care of when we arrive.  Merrick takes atik and Arnik up to tasslefort, and strikes a deal to gets Atik trained as a water cleric

Wrenaldo makes a deal with the raven queen at a shrine in the woods (trained)

Loria manages to hook up with some rangers in the area to learn more of their ways.

We have a meeting planned shortly after Merrick arrives back in town with the water elves where we could / should / may find out more.


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