Over the Sea and Far Away

The road to Heckfire is paved with good intentions

Did I do that ?

Early in the morning we decide to depart the gnomish village.   After some discussions, it's clear to everyone that we're eager to investigate the happenings in and around the eastern end of the lake.   There are numerous concerns about the unknown elements and the dangers brewing beneat the waves.

We do decide to try to help with the events in Blawtro, and particularly we want to help Traven with his poison issue.   We decide to send in some of our 'less well known' friends in to discuss with Traven and to try to cure his poisoning.

The situation in Blawtro is terrible and this is quickly evident as we arrive in town.   The keep has been closed by the colonial guard and the town is bloated by transported from all over the southern colonies who have fled or departed the nearby camps and mines.

The find their way to Travens bunker, escorted by a very busy Orik.   He has been trying to handle Travens affairs, but things are extremely busy and things are on the edge of blowing up in town.   There are lines of people leaving Blawtro, or at least lines of richer people leaving Blawtro.   The more modest people of Blawtro and most of the transported are stuck in town.

Morwen manages to assuage some of the disease which Traven has but they decide to hold off on removing the poison.   The poison itself is a highly addictive substance that may be more of an issue in withdrawal than it is in his system.   Traven asks the party to help keep a lid on Blawtro and he asks that we come offer what help we can.   He tells us of the flying creatures hunting in the woods, the giant wolf creatures and the trees that come alove.   Most of the colonial guard was slaughtered in the woods a few weeks back and the town is basically unprepared or defended from the dangers in the woods.

Morwen and Varris return to the party and manage to convince us to come take a look at the town.  We hike up towards town seeing manage of the refugees on the street and as we get close the thunder in the storm associated with the great hunt starts in earnest.    As we travel under a pass without trace spell we manage to get right up next to town and we see horses flying in the air with riders on their back.  The riders have huge long spears that they are harassing people with, swooping down and killing them.   It's a slaughter.

Merrick pulls out a few cold iron arrows and some cold iron daggers from his pack and he hands them out amongst the party members.   He hands some of them to everyone and then, as we're deciding if we should hit these things or not he utters the words "Well you should use your judgement" afterwhich Shade lets loose with an arrow, striking the mounted fey with a longbow shot.

The fey dives towards us on his mount and treats for us to duel him in honorable combat.   He is nearly immediately hit with a 'shrink' (reverse enlarge), an entangle and this really hurts his ability to hurt us with his charge.   Somehow we manage to keep him down and in a bloody, quick and vicious piece of combat we manage to beat this superior foe.  Heroically doing everything we can against this extremely dangerous, extremely powerful creature.  It's a great victory and then we slowly realize,,,, oh yeah,,,, all his friends are here too and we just killed their ally……….



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