Over the Sea and Far Away

A Colony Catch-up

During the last down-time, Shade spent some time travelling the colony and catching up on many of his protege.  These are the results of that trip.

1.  See what Sabel has in the way of trained people.

Sabel has a handful of old toughs from her mercenary days.  Some of them are just old line warriors, but a few make up her inner circle.

Roth, a tall, spare man with a grizzled beard who fights with a longsword and shield.  He has extensive facial tattoos that look very similar to Sabel's, possibly from the same tribal group.  He generally acts as Sabel's adjutant.

Sturmat, a blocky man with a scarred face and thick neck.  He wears battered chainmail and carries a shield and a spiked morningstar.  Sturmat is a heavy drinker, but that doesn't seem to impact his readiness.  Sturmat was a sergeant with Sabel's company.

Bran, a younger man with an elaborate mustache and cheerful attitude.  He's a bowman and hunter of considerable reputation.  Bran was a scout for the company back in the day.  Now he's pretty obviously Sabel's partner, although he defers to her in all rulership related stuff.

Adney, a grey-bearded old fellow, but still spry and with heavily muscled arms that he leaves bare.  He carries a shortsword and a heavy arbalest with a winch.  Adney does most of the militia training, and has a reputation as the luckiest bastard to ever walk the earth – he did 30 years as a mercenary sergeant without taking a major wound or even getting sick. 

2. Blaise — Status of Raven's Bay defense.

Blaise has made considerable progress with the Raven's Bay militia, but limited access to gear and his own inexperience at large-scale combat has kept him to basics – shield wall with spears and bowmen in back or flanking.  Trained bowmen are limited but lots of people are working hard.

He can currently field 250 militia with boiled leather breastplates, leather helmets, wooden shields and spears.  Most of them have a hand axe or dagger to back up the spears.

He has 25 archers with shortbows that are skilled enough to be useful.  He's mostly training them on basic drill and not stabbing each other, maneuvering in formation and marching.

He has also been working on getting them skilled at loading/unloading from boats.  ​

Blaise is a level 3 Rogue.

Raven's Bay

Raven's Bay has expanded to the point that all the old buildings from Caladur's Colony have been repurposed, and new ones are starting to be built.  The docks have been expanded, a small fishing fleet is working out of the bay, and the wall has been repaired and strengthened.  Acres of farms cover the east side of the hills above town, and small boats come and go regularly.

Almost 2000 people now live in Raven's Bay, many of them from the recent influx of refugees from Southfort, and those people are still building shelters or working on the quickly-expanding farms.  There is enough coin from trade for some shops and market stalls to spring up, but a lot of barter, work-trade and general "help thy neighbor" still happens.

Most of the inhabitants are transported, and most of them are human, with a few halflings, half-elves and easterlings.  Half sport the raven tattoo, and the temple of Morrigu is fill for daily dawn and dusk services, along other shrines around town.  There are also small shrines to Chauntea, Mael and Llugh.

Caladur's "manor" at the center of town has been reworked into a community hall where the council does business, and a large training field has been built just outside the wall, where able-bodied townsfolk drill on a rotating basis.

3. Cala — how is she doing?

Cala is happy in Sanctuary.  She'd like a bit more action, but she's gotten to meet gnomes, tritons, elves, and a druid and Erska is working with her directly.  She's lean, fast, tanned and she can make you sweat a bit when sparring, fighting with a pair of sticks approximately the size of long-knives.

The half-orcs call her the Little Serpent in an affectionate way.  She's happy to see you, excited to show you around all the new buildings in the village, her fancy elf-made bow and her knife collection.

Cala is a level 1 Rogue.

4. Elyel — Is she making progress?

Elyel's fighting skills are making more progress than her clerical training.  She's got more aptitude for fighting than pure clerical work, although she's definitely committed to the martial aspect of the Morrigu.

She's a focused attacker, not so much into defense.  Her philosophy is to hit things before they hit her – preferably while they are not looking.  You suspect The Morrigu approves.

Elyel is a level 1 Paladin, Oath of Vengeance.

5. Ershka — fighting progress, state of the salle in Sanctuary

Ershka basically lives at the salle or on the training field.  She's got the Sanctuary militia drilled to a somewhat higher level of competency than Blaise has managed – they focus less on mass maneuver and more on aggressive skirmishing and attack.  Individually they are better fighters and stronger than the Raven's Bay militia, but there are fewer of them.  With armor and better weapons, you think they would make a very effective assault force, and they are rapidly becoming a dangerous force in the woods.

Ershka works constantly, and her abilities have improved considerably because of all the different styles.

Erksha is a Level 4 Fighter (Battlemaster) now.

 Sanctuary Militia.png

The Salle

The salle in Sanctuary is always busy, and a truly fascinating place – it isn't uncommon to see tritons practicing their flowing, pole-arm based combat forms, gnomes bounding with short swords and bucklers, wood elves practicing knife and tomahawk or spearwork, half-orcs hammering at each other with hand and a half swords and humans drilling in formation or firing bows – all on the same field, at the same time.  

You even occasionally spot one of Bonebreaker's tall lizardmen throwing javelins, or one of the acolytes of the Raven Queen working on their spear-craft in a stylized raven-faced sallet helm with short raven-feather cloaks.

Raven-tattoos are common, although not the majority, and many of the Easterlings of Sanctuary have started to tattoo stylized flames rising from the black ship tattoo that marks them as transported.

6. Odkirk — fighting progress, Sanctuary update

Odkirk's fighting focuses on raw aggression to leverage his great strength and surprising speed.  He tends to spend his time in the salle wrestling or he's out just building things – levering massive beams into place and hauling sand and clay.

Odkirk is a level 3 Bear Totem Barbarian.  


Sanctuary is rapidly turning into a bustling little settlement of about 1000 people – mostly Easterlings, but with a fair number of other races .  The palisade is completed, along with a guard tower by the dock and a second lookout tower on the headland.  Submerged logs protect the bay and cropland spreads out around the village.

The village itself is a rough circle, with the salle, communal hall and assembly area in the center and houses with woven-palm roofs, interspersed with workshops all around.  Fields and smaller gardens surround the village, with a cleared space between the fields and the forest.

Sanctuary is also becoming the main travel route from the Black River Valley and Raven's Bay – the elves have marked a trail through the forest, and the gnome hunters, Tinuvon elves and Sanctuary warriors patrol it.  It isn't suitable for merchant travel yet, but it's a quick (albeit dangerous) way to skirt the area around Southfort.

7. Threnna — fighting progress, operational updates

Threnna is operating in the Black River Valley, working with Sabel and Bonebreaker to bring the refugees and the Adholt militia up to a decent level.  She's essentially taken over as the militia commander and trainer in Adholt, but she travels quite a bit.

At this point, Threnna is focussing on commanding and training – her personal combat skills have suffered a bit as a result.

Threnna is a level 2 fighter.

8. Aldrin — current events around Sanctuary

Aldrin is down in the Black River Valley, splitting his time between patrolling with Bonebreaker's lizardmen and training scouts from the hunters of the allied villages.  He'd be happy to sit down with you and go over what he's learned about the surrounding region, along with the maps he made.

Aldrin is a level 4 Ranger.


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