Over the Sea and Far Away

D&D with Decimar

Bringing the Band Back Together

It has been a little while

We have managed to stabilize the valley down to the south and are working with the populations there and we found ourselves at the point where we were freed up enough to work on the consecration of the temple.

We traveled into the mountains and found ourselves facing a flat rock door along the side of the hill.   When the door was opened, the flying bats attacked us as we climbed to the entrance and we managed to fight them off.   When we arrived at the top of the entrance we managed to get ourselves settled into the entry hall but were faced off nearly immediately by some constructs.  There was a nasty fight and we eventually gained entrance to the Eld structure.   

During our explorations we were able to find a laboratory and in that lab we managed to free up a living Eld who had been captured in stasis.   We had a significant chat with him and during that period of time learned some of Eld History, their approach to science ( magic ) and had a chat with our anachronistic friend.

He gave us some idea of what the structure was for and some of the issues that had led to his putting himself in stasis.   We took hints from him and managed to fight down both a paper demon type creature and a very nasty demon that were trapped in the treasure room.  Magic Circle and magical protections were exceptionally helpful and useful here.

We managed to retrieve the bowl and several other items in the cave and after that we prepared to get Decimar out of the place and bring him somewhere else.  We found out about Eld History, their approach and he helped answer questions about what we were doing and what the place was.   He is knowledgeable about magic and so on but he's been out of the loop for some 16000 years.

On our way out of the laboratory we were attacked by Gloom and his Gloom hounds.  In addition there were a trio of giants waiting to stop us from leaving.   Merrick prayed for help from the Morrigu and the triad of Morrigu's chosen were given ravens wings to help fight.   We managed to fight the hound down and burn down Gloom in the bright daylight of Merricks spell.  Finally at the end of the fight Shade flew out over the giants and proclaimed them to stop in the name of the Morigu and one of the giants proclaimed themselves to the Morrigu.  She was the shadow priest from the giant tribe.  Her tribe was an old follower of the Morrigu and some of them have remained faithful.  We will need to return to them and get them fully under the sway at some point.


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