Over the Sea and Far Away

Gnomes and wolves

New friends and old

An uneventful sail across blackwater bay, and a paddle up the river towards Blawtro.  Midnight wolf rescue and river crossing.  Morwen reclining (read: passed out) in the outrigger canoe while the big burly men paddle her (and everyone else) upstream.

Meeting the gnomes, preparing for the council meeting with Oswin.  Oswin is generally in favour of dealing with the Morrigu, probably accepting her patronage in return for protection from the Lord of the Evening (from whom they escaped long ago, with Oswin as one of the architects)

Talking with Oswin about the Eld and their power generation network, and whether it's wise to bring it back online. Talking about trading for research materials on the eld at the Goblin Market.


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