Sorcerer and reformed (mostly) smuggler.


Arnik comes from an unusually large family of which he is the youngest son. Growing up “semi-noble” he came to appreciate the art objects that were spread throughout the “upper” levels of society He also discovered that there was good coin to be made in moving that art when it was coveted elsewhere. Although he never really took to stealing from the families he knew, he became quite adept at moving items after they had “gone missing”. He made more and more connections and had multiple methods for shipping his items.

He is in prison after being “found guilty” of murder. An “eye witness” saw him kill a young woman and testified to that at the trial. Arnik he was framed, and is fairly certain it is in revenge for either sleeping with the daughter of an art collector whose favourite piece he recently shipped to another city or for actually facilitating the loss of the art itself. Either way he has spent his time in prison smuggling in numerous small items etc as well as trying to track down the witness who accused him so that he can seek revenge. Of note the daughter’s body was never found. Arnik suspects that dad the art collector had her smuggled out of town to facilitate the murder story.


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