Goods Available in Port Tanner

Port Tanner is one of the important trading hubs in the colony.  The herds of huge bison roam the Grass Shore, the edges of the Shadow Reach and even into the Dustlands to the north.

Outriders track and kill the bison and drag hides and meat south to Port Tanner to be processed into rations, leather and felt for the Colony.  Those goods are then shipped throughout the Colony lands by ship or barge.

There is also quite a bit of ranching in the grassy hills around Port Tanner and the grasslands to the south and north along the lake, including sheep, goats and cattle.

Goods available in Port Tanner

Good Cost/lb Cost/50 lbs Weight/bulk
Felt 1 sp 50 sp 1/3
Oats 2 cp 10 sp 1/2
Dried Meats 15 sp 750 sp 1/2
Hard Sausages 30 sp 1500 sp 1/2
Lard 10 sp 500 sp 1/1
Parchment 2 sp 100 sp 2/1
Leather 1 sp 50 sp 2/3
Tallow 5 cp 25 sp 2/1
Bull 150 sp   1200 lbs
Cow 100 sp   1000 lbs
Donkey 80 sp   400 lbs
Goat 20 sp   150 lbs
Mule 80 sp   400 lbs
Sheep 20 sp   150 lbs
Wool 4 sp 200 sp 1/3

Goods Available in Port Tanner

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