Most ships travel 50-70 miles/day in decent conditions (50%).  

100 miles/day in good conditions (30%).

20 miles/day in bad/stormy conditions (20%).


Sailing across open ocean requires regular navigation checks.  These are only possible for someone with Navigation tool proficiency and Navigation tools.  Difficulty of the roll depends on the length of time that the ship will be out of sight of land.

On longer trips, the navigator can reroll their check.  The highest roll is considered the Navigation roll for the trip.

Length of Trip


Distance from destination

1 day or less


1 mile per point difference from roll to success (roll of 8 indicates 4 miles from destination)

1 day to 1 week

15 (can reroll once)

10 miles per point of difference from roll to success (roll of 10 indicates 50 miles from destination)

1 week to 1 month

18 (can reroll twice)

25 miles per point of difference from roll to success (roll of 10 indicates 200 miles from destination)

More than 1 month

20 (can reroll 4 times)

50 miles per point of difference from roll to success (roll of 10 indicates 500  miles from destination)

Ships traveling across open ocean must roll 1 ocean encounter/week of travel.

Coastal Travel

Ships can travel along the coast without risking getting lost, although this can be slower than traveling on open ocean.  Ships can travel along mapped coastlines without any roll (a coastal map is called a rutter).

Ships traveling along an unmapped coastline must make a Navigation roll (DC 12) or only travel half their normal distance (due to accidental travel into bays or river mouths, or contrary winds or tides).

All ships traveling on the coast must roll one coastal/ocean encounter/day of travel.

Mapping the Coastline:

Travelers in ships or boats can spend time exploring coastline hexes.  This is much slower than regular travel.  Mapping the coastline requires a small boat, at least one person with Cartography Tools and proficiency, and at least one person with Navigation tools and proficiency.  One 10-mile hex of coastline can be explored per day.

After exploring a section of coastline, roll once on the hex contents chart and once on the coastal/ocean encounter chart.


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